Listening to the band itself while scrolling through the show pic's is always a good thing to do! Enjoy.

Before you keep scrolling I have something to say: This band is pure magic. I couldn't resist dancing while taking photos and filming. Most of my footage Came out shaky and Blurry, Rarely sharp. Well, for me it transports the atmosphere quite well (At least that's some kind of an excuse... hehe). 

I can't wait to See these guys again!

Yes, I know there's some grain in these pictures. I like it. Not always but very often.

Kaleidoscopic Photography - It's so much fun playing around with different glasses and prisms infront of your camera.


My dear friend Niki filming the whole concert by hand. Shaky hands? We'll see!

The drummer in his cave.


The drummer thinking 'bout life, I guess.  Maybe something like this, "Hell, they even turned my lights off back here. Does anybody even know that there's a drummer on stage?"

Thanks for watching!

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